Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Halloween is only a few short days away, and after that comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s – a smorgasbord of fun and entertainment for everyone!

This is one of my favorite times of the year, and surely one of yours, too. The possibilities are endless, especially when it comes to throwing parties. Whether you’re hosting friends or offering your home up for the annual family get-together, having a holiday party is a delight.

Here are some tips for you to host the perfect holiday party, courtesy of your trusty concierge service in Fort Myers.

Plan a Gourmet Menu

Every party has to have food, naturally, especially down here in Florida where we love to eat.

Take this opportunity to take the menu to another level by having a gourmet experience. Whether you go with hors d’oeuvres only or a full meal, you can select a luxurious lineup of dishes that are sure to please.

For Thanksgiving, for example, try free-range roast turkey with berries and pine nuts, or an Italian sausage-flavored bread stuffing made with homemade focaccia. For New Year’s, you can try butternut squash tart with fried sage as a delicious appetizer.

If you don’t feel like cooking, that’s fine – this is a perfect time to order catering!

Decorate for a Festive Occasion

Each holiday represents a perfect time to decorate your home for the occasion.

For Thanksgiving, use earth tone colors with pops of fall shades, like burnt orange, gold, and bright reds. For Christmas, go for the lux look with silver mixed in with evergreen and scarlet. For New Year’s, go wild with gold, sparkles, and rich colors.

Since our weather is great year-round, you can even transform your outdoor space into a party place. Stringing up a garland of lights can help transform any area into a super-elegant display, as can adding a fire pit and torches.

Prepare In Advance with Help

Throwing a party is a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. A concierge service in Fort Myers can help you by doing light grocery shopping and other small tasks that free up your time in order to give you what you need to throw the best holiday party in the state!