Home Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

Home Safety Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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Protecting your home and your loved ones is the most important thing.  Here are some home safety tips you don’t want to miss.

If you know you will be away from your home over night or for any extended period of time, try to not advertise that you will be away and try not to advertise the items that you have in your house.

  • Keep garage doors shut, curtains drawn and blinds closed, particularly in rooms where you have electronics and other expensive belongings, such as jewelry.
  • Keep a light or two on or even set a television set on a timer to come on for short periods of time, if possible.
  • Don’t leave notes on the door for someone else, such as a house-sitter, that would be helpful to potential burglars
  • Do not post on social media that you will be away

Pointers in dealing with poisonous or other dangerous household items:

  • Keep firearms unloaded and locked in a safe, which children do not have any access to or know the combination to.
  • Store dangerous everyday substances, such as medicines, toxic bleaches, over and drain cleaners, paint solvents, polishes, waxes, charcoal lighter, antifreeze, and turpentine in the original containers with the original labels in a cabinet that is completely out of reach for children versus under the sink.
  • Look for brands that are packaged with child-resistant lids.

Especially in Florida, where swimming pools are common, note these safety measures:

  • A swimming pool should have a fence or barrier surrounding all four sides with self-closing and self-latching gates and latches should be out of reach for young children.
  • If there are doors or windows that lead directly to the pool, those doors should be secured.
  • Consider installing a door alarm to sound if a child were to exit the home toward the pool area.
  • Place tables and chairs well away from the pool fence to prevent children from climbing into the pool area.
  • Never leave children alone near standing water.

Practice home safety with regard to fire prevention in and around the home:

  • Draft a fire escape plan or your home and go over it with your family, in case a fire should start.
  • Keep an eye on lit candles. Be sure they are not left unattended and that they are kept out of reach for children.
  • In the summer months, take care to clear and dispose of dead plants around your home.
  • Maintain smoke detectors so they are in proper working order.
  • Find a safe place to store potholders, plastic utensils and towels, as well as other non-cooking equipment that is not on top of the stove to keep them from catching fire on the range.
  • If you notice an outlet or switch that is warm, have an electrician check wiring as soon as possible.

In addition to following the above home safety tips, in case of injury or emergency, keep a first aid kit in the home.