Home Maintenance Checklist , Part 2

Home Maintenance Checklist , Part 2

Home Maintenance Checklist for February 2020, Part 2

In our last blog post, we touched upon some of the home maintenance items that are ideal to tackle in February. For this post, we wanted to add several more items to that list.

Sanitize handheld devices / light switches

Do you remember the last time you sanitized handheld calculators, your home phone, light switches or the TV remote? Cold and flu season hasn’t ended just yet- which makes February a great time to wipe down and sanitize everything.

Dust off your base boards

Even the most diligent homeowners forget to wipe down their baseboards. Take some time to clear off the surprising amount of dust that’s been collecting throughout your home.

Dust the shelves and flooring inside your closets

It’s amazing how much dust collects atop shoes, closet shelves and on your closet floors. Once you’re done cleaning your baseboards, be sure to go through each closet in your home.  Not only is this an important housekeeping item, it will help you and your family breathe easier

Launder pet beds

If you have one or more fur babies, you likely have one or more fur baby beds. Most have removable covers that can be laundered in a standard washing machine. Cleaning your pet bedding at least twice a year can help keep your home smelling fresh.

Launder heavy bedding

Most people don’t realize that bedding tends to attract dust mites- and dust mites often cause allergies. Washing your comforter covers is good, but you’ll still want to have your down bedding, pillows and bedspread heavy washed (or dry cleaned) at least once a year. You’ll also want to launder your throw blankets, draperies and bathroom floor rugs.

Clean out your kids’ closets

Now that the holidays are over, you may have noticed that your kids’ closets are a bit fuller than they were in November. Take some time to go through their clothes (and shoes) to determine what still fits (and what can be donated.) Once you’re done organizing their clothes, be sure to wipe down their toys to remove grime and germs.

Schedule a duct cleaning

Your base boards and closet floors aren’t the only surfaces in your home that need to be dusted on a semi-regular basis. You’ll also want to schedule a duct cleaning at least once a year. Remember- your HVAC and central AC units pump lots of air throughout your home. Having your ducts cleaned will help ensure you’re not breathing in dust, mold and pet dander.