Guess What – the Peak of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here

Guess What – the Peak of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here

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We dodged a bullet as Hermine passed us by and hit our neighbors to the north.

But, believe it or not, even though we’re only twelve weeks away from the end of hurricane season, we’re actually now at the season’s peak – in September.

How can the peak of the season be only three months from its end? That’s a good question, and one meteorologists have been answering over the past few days. It basically boils down to activity level. At this point, on average, half of a season’s hurricane activity has already passed. That means there is still approximately half of expected activity to go.

Already, experts are predicting more storms to come in the next eight weeks. For starters, there‘s currently a cluster of storm-like activity just north of Cuba that will bring rain to the Keys, but probably won’t turn into anything stronger.

There’s another area about 1,000 miles from the Lesser Antilles that could turn into something more substantial over the next week as it moves in a west-northwest direction. This system in particular could turn into a tropical disturbance, depression, or storm over the next few days.

So far, the Atlantic is mostly clear. There are a few more systems being tracked in addition to the two mentioned above, but nothing is threatening to make landfall in our neck of the woods any time soon.

Of course, that could change quickly – and we have until November 30th before hurricane season 2016 is officially over.

Be on the lookout for storms over the next few weeks. Review your hurricane preparedness plans and make sure you have everything ready in case you have to evacuate. And if you haven’t prepped your home against hurricanes, do so now before a major storm decides to make its way over to Southwest Florida.

If you need help with making arrangements, contact your neighborhood-friendly home watch service!