Gadgets to Burglar Proof Your Home

Gadgets to Burglar Proof Your Home

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There are so many gadgets and services on the market today to help give us peace of mind when we are away from our home.  Here are just a few gadgets worth looking into.

  1. Magnetic Wireless Home Door Window Security Alarm

These adhesive, magnetic sensors detect entry whether you are inside or outside of your home. They can be installed in doors or windows and not only do they deter burglars, but they also repel dust and insects.

  1. Motion Detecting Lights

These motion-detecting lights are a wonderful addition to your patio, porch, deck, driveway, stairs, wall or garden. These lights are typically completely weather-proof and many companies offer solar powered options as well. Depending on which model, there are various sensing angles offered and they offer an added security measure that is well worth the investment.

  1. Smart Home Security Cameras

There are many options, so it is suggested you do your research, shop around and choose the kit that best fits your needs. From indoor to outdoor security and varying night vision capabilities, these cameras will discourage intruders and they offer HD cameras you can monitor from your smartphone. If you are traveling or simply out shopping with your family, you are able to keep a watchful eye on your home and immediately take action if an intruder arrives.

  1. Keyless Wood Gate Combination Lock

Protecting your home includes protecting the property your home is on as well. Keep burglars away with an automatic combination lock for your fence. Installable at any height, most locks lock from both sides to ensure easy functionality and that you keep intruders out.

  1. Parcel Locking Box

Sending and receiving gifts in the mail, as well as important checks, attracts burglars. Avoid having your packages swiped with a parcel box that automatically locks after a package is delivered. There are heavy duty options with multiple mounting possibilities.

  1. Electronic Watchdog

These devices plug into any electrical outlet inside your home where you want to detect movement and a barking sound will begin, to allow your “watchdog” to scare away any intruders.