Fort Myers Home Watch Service: Tools of the Trade

Fort Myers Home Watch Service: Tools of the Trade

Ever since I launched my Fort Myers home watch service, helping to watch over countless homes for homeowners here and elsewhere, I’ve been asked, “What tools do you use to do your job?”

It’s a great question because some homeowners assume that a Fort Myers home watch service just consists of a person who goes to the home, walks around, makes sure everything is good to go, and leaves.

While that’s certainly true – I do make sure everything is okay – I actually use tools in my mission to help watch over your home and make sure things are as they should be.

One tool I use is a digital temperature monitor. Excessive temperature can damage your possessions and also be a signal that something, somewhere in the home, is awry. A temperature monitor comes in handy when I’m checking your home, and is something I never leave home without.

Another tool I use is a digital humidity sensor. Humidity can also be damaging, especially if you have fine art in your home as many in this area do. I use this tool to make sure humidity is at an acceptable level. If it isn’t, something is amiss, and I’ll get a contractor to come fix the problem on your behalf.

I also use a moisture meter for the same reason: to detect moisture and ensure that there isn’t water infiltration or anything nasty like that. Excessive moisture can cost you thousands of dollars if it’s not caught quickly. Fortunately, with a home watch service, you can help avoid this problem while you’re away.

Lastly, my trusty flashlight always accompanies me. You can’t leave home without a flashlight in this business!

If you want to know more about what a Fort Myers home watch service can do for you and your home, give me a call at 239-289-7294.