Fix the Weak Points in Your Home’s Security

Fix the Weak Points in Your Home’s Security

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Home invasions and burglaries don’t happen as often in Fort Myers as they do in other, larger cities across the nation, but they do happen – and they often happen to homes that are vacant for long periods of time, as many here are.

Your home has certain weak spots that make it vulnerable to intrusion. If you know what these weak spots are, you can work with your Fort Myers home watch service to take care of them while you’re away so your home is protected.

The first place to look at is any door that allows entrance from the outside. It’s estimated that over 70 percent of all burglars enter through a door. The weak point here is the knob and lock mechanism. A cheap lock can be broken through by a determined criminal. Experts recommend a solid wood door – with steel being even better.

If you choose a metal door, just make sure it’s reinforced properly. A steel door’s weakness then becomes the wooden frame that supports it.

Back to the lock. You should install both a primary deadbolt lock and a secondary deadbolt lock that is a one-sided deadbolt – meaning you can’t open it via a key from the outside. You can only use these from inside the house. This makes it even harder for a burglar to get through.

Your windows are also weak points in your home’s exterior. Reinforce your frames, and choose impact-resistant shatterproof glass that is almost impossible to break through.

One big weak point actually flies under the radar: your sliding doors. Sliding doors are extremely weak. The locks that come standard with them are weak and easily broken. And the glass itself is usually fragile enough to be broken quite easily.

The key is to reinforce the frame, use reinforced glass (or even polycarbonate plastic), and install a stronger lock.

All of these upgrades can be made while you’re gone if you have a Fort Myers home watch service working for you. We’ll make all the arrangements and supervise the contractors as the work is being done – all so you have a safe, protected sanctuary waiting for you when you come back.