Fighting Mold and Mildew | Home Watch Service in Fort Myers

Fighting Mold and Mildew | Home Watch Service in Fort Myers

What are two of the biggest threats to your vacant home?

As the owner of a home watch service in Fort Myers, I know the answer is mold and mildew. Together, these two conditions can not plague your home; they can also cause potential health hazards if left unchecked. And, they can destroy property.

Mold and mildew commonly enter a home because of water infiltration. If there’s excess moisture in your home, mold and mildew are sure to follow. Sometimes it’s inside your walls, where you can’t easily see it. Sometimes, it’s visible on your walls and ceilings. But no matter where it is, it is a threat.

Why Mold and Mildew Are Bad

Mold can cause a variety of health effects, depending on how widespread it is and how sensitive your family is to it.

For example, mold can cause irritated throats, stuffiness, coughing, skin irritation, and eye irritation. If you have a mold allergy, the effect can be even greater. Also, those with compromised immune systems can get severe infections in their lungs.

Long story short, exposure to these element can cause upper respiratory illnesses that can be problematic.

Also mold and mildew can eventually destroy property and belongings. That’s one of the biggest reasons why homeowners want to limit the spread of mold and mildew and prevent their presence in their home.

How to Control Mold and Mildew

As the owner of a home watch service in Fort Myers, I know what to look for when it comes to mold and mildew, and their causes.

Mold and mildew accompany water wherever it enters, so if there’s a leak, you’ll get either (or both). Also, if there are open doorways, vents, windows, and HVAC systems, mold and mildew can flourish.

You can fight mold by controlling the level of humidity in your home, fix any leaks throughout your home, and venting any place where there is moisture, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Plus, make sure that windows and doors are sealed up well.

Once mold and mildew is spotted, action must be taken so it doesn’t spread. I can hire contractors on your behalf who can take care of the problem, even while you’re away from your home – ensuring a mold-free home when you return.