Explaining Home Watch: What You Need to Know

Explaining Home Watch: What You Need to Know

A few weeks ago, one of our clients was on the phone with a cousin who had recently bought a vacation home about 30 minutes south of Sarasota. He and his wife had just arrived in Florida, he said, adding that they would be spending the week readying the house, hiring lawn and pool care providers, and familiarizing themselves with the neighborhood.

Buying a vacation home had been on their to-do list for quite some time, he added, noting that the questions surrounding whether a second wave of COVID-19 would sweep through the northeast this fall, led them to buy sooner than expected.

“We want to have someplace we can get away and enjoy being outside,” he said, adding concern about the plausibility of monitoring two homes in different states. “We’re happy we bought it, but I don’t know how I’m going to monitor it when we’re not here. I’m thinking about getting some cameras for the house.”

Our client asked him if he had ever heard of home watch. He had not.

“Ok, so home watch is incredible and it’s something you should consider,” she said. “Basically, it’s a service where you can hire someone to come to your home on a regular basis. They’ll run the sinks and flush the toilets to get rid of the stagnant water, they’ll make sure that ants, critters or other types of bugs haven’t taken over your home, and they’ll make sure that your appliances are in working order. If you need to have a delivery scheduled and you are not in town, the home watch person can come to your house to receive it. The same holds true if something breaks and you need to have someone out to handle a repair.”

He wanted to know if it was expensive.

“Not at all,” she continued. “It’s extremely affordable and considering that you know you’ll have someone here who can notify you about a small problem, before it has time to turn into a big one, the service is invaluable. They can even come and turn on the central AC a few hours before you arrive, and some will even help with light grocery shopping, so you’ll have food in the fridge when you get here.”

Suffice to say, he was sold, and he is currently in the process of hiring a company that can help him (since we do not service that part of the state.)

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