Ensuring Home Safety When on Vacation

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Ensuring Home Safety When on Vacation

When you plan your summer vacation this year, it’s important to make sure that your house is secure. Before you head out of town, make a checklist of everything that you would normally do around the house – particularly outside – when you would be home. These are the things you need to review with the person who will be watching over your home, whether that be a friend, family member, or home watch service.

Mail and newspaper needs to be collected. This can be done by a family member who lives nearby, or even a neighbor. The key component of this task is to make sure that newspapers aren’t collecting at the end of your driveway, and mail isn’t falling out of your mailbox uncollected. You want your home to look occupied even when you’re not home.

Ensure garbage and recycling is brought to the curb and returned on collection days. Even if you don’t have any garbage or recycling while you’re gone, it’s good to have the bins brought to the curb. This will only happen once or twice a week, but it will give potential home invaders the impression that someone is occupying the house.

If there are timers set for lights in the house, make sure they’re accurate and working. Timers are a great idea when you’re out of town. They can be set in the early mornings and evenings to make it appear that someone is home, even if they’re not. Light timers can also be set with your smart phone if you have a smart house, so you can remotely set any timers from virtually anywhere in the world.

Double-check security systems. If you use your security system on a daily basis, then it’s probably operating well. If your system is only used when you’re out of town, then have a representative from the company come by and check the system’s operation. You could even purchase a system that can be remotely activated with your smart phone.

Walk the outside of the home to check for signs of intrusion. Your home needs to be checked regularly, especially if you’re going out of town for a long period of time. Have a neighbor take a walk around the perimeter of the home, or call a home watch service to check the home for you. If something looks suspicious or out of order, then the authorities should be called.

If you’re not sure whether your checklist is thorough enough for your to go out of town this year, or if you think your home needs a little extra security while you’re on your extended vacation, then call a home watch company. Home watch companies have great advice and expertise which will help you feel safe and secure so you can enjoy your time away to the fullest.