Does Your Home Have Too Much Humidity?

Does Your Home Have Too Much Humidity?

We live in Florida, and if there’s one thing Floridians know about the climate, it’s humidity.

Humidity can wreak havoc on the interior of a home. Too much humidity can cause problems with your walls, ceilings, floors, and possessions, which is why we want to control humidity as much as possible. (Not to mention, too much humidity makes your home uncomfortable, which is never pleasant.)

When the atmosphere grows steamy, its time to act. Here are four ways to lower your home’s humidity, courtesy of your home watch service in Fort Myers.

Check Your Home for Leaks

Leaks can allow in humid air, which can raise the relative humidity of your home.

So, go through your home and check for air leaks. Seal any leaks that you find in your exterior walls and all surfaces. Look at windowsills and door frames in particular. If you see worn weather-stripping or caulk, replace it. Check your appliance vents, too, like your dryer.

Create More Air Flow

Stuffiness can lead to uncomfortable rooms, so promoting air flow is recommended. A stand-alone fan can help. But only use fans in occupied rooms, otherwise you’ll waste electricity. And rotate them counter-clockwise during the summer.

Install Exhaust Fans

We add a lot of humidity to our homes just in the things we do, like shower or cook. Installing exhaust fans gives your home adequate ventilation, which not only fights humidity but also helps you reduce the chances of mold and mildew.

Maintain Your HVAC

Finally, your HVAC is your first line of defense against humidity. Have it regularly inspected and checked by a qualified professional. Our home watch service in Fort Myers routinely schedules these visits from qualified contractors so you don’t have to, even if you’re away from your home.

Keep humidity out of your home by following these tips and working with your home watch service in Fort Myers to keep your home protected and comfortable year round.