Do You Suffer from Hurricane Amnesia?

Do You Suffer from Hurricane Amnesia?

It’s been a long time since a major hurricane hit Southwest Florida. Over a decade, in fact; since then, we’ve been very lucky to have avoided a major storm.

But that could be drawing to a close – and the complacency we’ve fallen into over the past 10 years could come back to bite us this year.

It’s called ‘hurricane amnesia’, and it happens when people go for years between hurricanes. We become less cautious and less prepared, which means we’re not nearly as safe as we should be. It’s just in these moments, when we let our guard down, that a hurricane strikes – and catches us unprepared.

That could happen this year. Experts are predicting anywhere from a “near-normal” or “above normal” season, with 14 named storms and up to eight hurricanes (and as many as four strong hurricanes with wind speeds of 111 mph or above).

Now that the hurricane season is officially here – it started yesterday – it’s time to ask yourself: do you have hurricane amnesia?

Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a hurricane evacuation plan?
  • Do I know where I’m going if a hurricane is approaching?
  • Do I have enough supplies to last at least three days away from home, and ideally a week after a storm?
  • Is my home outfitted with the latest in hurricane-proof technology, like storm shutters and impact windows?
  • Is everything in my yard secured and/or fastened to something sturdy?
  • Have I made sure my trees are free of dead limbs?
  • Am I up to date on hurricane insurance?

If you can’t answer these questions, or if these questions indicate that you’re not quite as prepared as you should be, you still have time to fix things and get prepared before we get deeper into the season.

Protect your home and protect yourself by taking action today.