Do You Live Alone? Read These Important Safety Tips

Do You Live Alone? Read These Important Safety Tips

Do You Live Alone? Read These Important Safety Tips

Millions of Americans prefer to live alone—and it certainly has its benefits. For example- you won’t need to worry about being woken up by a roommate who wants to listen to loud music at 7am on a Saturday morning. If you don’t feel like doing the dishes for two days, there won’t be anyone around to complain about it.

However, people who live alone will be well-served by taking some additional security precautions. Doing so can help keep you (and your belongings) safe.

Install security cameras

In years past, installing a security system was capital “E” expensive,  yet changes in technology have helped make security cameras affordable for everyone. If you prefer to work with a home security company that provides 24-7monitoring, that’s certainly an option. Or, if you prefer to install a system that records (and backs up) video to “the cloud” in case you need to access it in the future, that’s an option too. Some security systems offer smart phone apps, that will alert you if motion is detected on certain parts of your property. The options are numerous.

home watch serviceInstall motion lights

People who commit crimes don’t do so with the intention of getting caught- and savvy criminals will do everything they can to avoid detection. Suffice to say, motion lights are a fantastic deterrent. Not only can they help scare off burglars, it can give you some extra peace of mind at night.

Know your neighbors

If you’re familiar with your neighbors and have a general idea of which cars are familiar with your street, this can be largely beneficial. Why? Because if you suddenly notice a strange van is camped out in front of your home, or that an unknown, weird vehicle is driving up and down the street, you’ll know right away that something might be amiss.

Lock your doors and windows

Some of the best protections are often the simplest ones, such as remembering to keep your doors and windows locked at all times. If a criminal has the choice between breaking into a garage that has an unlocked exterior door, or smashing a window to break into a garage, they’re going to choose the path of least resistance.  People who don’t keep their cars, entryways and windows locked are more likely to be targeted.

If you have other tips you’d like to share with people who reside alone, we’d love to hear them in the comments!