Do You Feel Your Home is Safe When You Leave?

Do You Feel Your Home is Safe When You Leave?


Whether you stay at your Florida home all year round, or you only stay in it during the holidays, it’s important to make sure that your home is safe and sound when you are not there.

Even if your Florida home is in fact your primary residence, there will be times when you will not be home – and your home will be all by itself. Even if you have a neighborhood watch system in your neighborhood, chances are there won’t be a watchful eye on your property for most of the time while you are away from it.

Unless you use a home watch service, that is.

With our home watch service, we will make sure your home is taken care of and safe when you’re not there. A big part of that is checking your exterior for general security – and ensuring that everything is where it should be and in good working order.

For example, your doors and windows are the most vulnerable parts of your home. They are frequently ports of entry for would-be burglars and criminals. An unlocked – or worse, broken – door or window is an open invitation for anyone who would come by and steal your valuables.

We make sure your doors and windows and sliders are all securely locked and intact. If they aren’t, we will quickly rectify the situation, even if it involves calling a contractor to fix damaged ones.

All of this is something you simply can’t – or shouldn’t – worry about when you are away from the home, especially for an extended period of time. You have other things on your mind; what is going on with your home should not be one of them.

I encourage anyone who lives in the Southwest Florida area to employ a home watch service. If you are interested, contact us – we are more than happy to help.