Do Fake Security Cameras Help Deter Criminals?

Do Fake Security Cameras Help Deter Criminals?

Do Fake Security Cameras Help Deter Criminals?

If you’re a homeowner who is wanting to take extra steps to prevent their home from being targeted by criminals, you may be weighing the pros and cons of fake security cameras.  In many cases, they look nearly identical to the real thing, and installing them is a lot less costly than paying for a fully monitored home security system.

But do fake cameras really get the job done? Experts say “no.”

home watch serviceCriminals are smarter than you think

Experienced burglars rarely have a problem differentiating a fake camera from a real one. It’s also worth noting that law enforcement experts say that it’s not unusual for burglars to perform research on a home while they’re plotting a crime.

For example, the criminal may take note of when residents leave for work. They may also study whether a family has small children, what the kids’ schedules are for school, and whether there are any dogs that live on the property. Burglars often peer through windows to determine what types of valuables are within viewing distance, and what the overall layout of the home looks like. Lastly, they make note of which entrance points may be safest. For example, a side garage door that’s not visible from the street, and is obstructed by trees or plants, may be a better choice than trying to enter through the living room window.

When criminals are in the process of plotting a break in, they also look for evidence that the resident has a security system.  If they see that you have a fake system installed, this might do more than good. Why? First, this may lead the criminal to assume that you have valuable items in your home that you are actively trying to protect.  Second, if they note that a fake camera is set up outdoors, they may also assume that your home isn’t equipped with an alarm- which means they won’t need to worry about triggering any sensors while they’re inside of your home.

Real systems are less expensive than you might think

In years past, the cost to purchase (and install) a home security system was substantial. Today, things are a lot different. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that in many instances, “real” cameras can be purchased at a similar price point to fake ones.

If you’re going to spend the money, it’s best to spend it wisely.