Do Fake Security Cameras Deter Thieves?

Do Fake Security Cameras Deter Thieves?

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If you’re been following our blog, you’ve likely noticed that we’ve written several posts about the ways you can protect your home when you’re not in town.

You understand the importance of keeping porch plants watered, making sure that junk mail is cleared from the porch and ensuring that doors, windows and other entryways are locked and secured.  Yet at the same time, you may be wondering if outdoor security cameras may add another layer of protection. You’re not considering a full security system—but you’re simply wondering if fake securitiy cameras would serve as a deterrent. One research group found that 60 percent of would-be burglars have indicated that if they see a home has outdoor cameras, they won’t consider targeting that property. With numbers like that, are non-operable security cameras worth the spend?

Hard facts: 


Some might argue that having fake cameras is better than having no cameras at all. First, they’re less expensive than the real thing, and you may be able to install what looks to be full-perimeter surveillance at a fraction of what a real system would cost.

And, since they don’t require any wiring, they’re easy to install. Most people find they can get the job done in an hour or less.

Yet that’s not to say they’re fool-proof. If someone does target your home, you won’t have video footage to fall back on.  You should also know that people who make their living breaking into homes and businesses tend to be able to distinguish real systems from faux ones. If a would-be burglar determines your security system is “fake,” they’ll likely assume your home is a safe target. Some might argue that this could make your home more vulnerable to a break in, although the jury is still out on that train of thought.

Some experts suggest that fake cameras are best used in neighborhoods where the possibility of a break-in is already low. If you live in safe neighborhood that doesn’t experience a lot of burglaries, faux security features may give you some added peace of mind.

If you’re truly looking for an extra layer of protection for when you’ll be out of town for weeks (or months) on end, you may want to consider hiring a local home watch and concierge service.

For more information on how home watch can help keep your house, condo or vacation property secure in your absence, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today to learn more.