Difference between home watch and house sitting

Difference between home watch and house sitting

At Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge, we’re often asked about the difference between hiring a home watch service and working with a house sitter.

One of the biggest differences is that house sitters are generally not licensed, bonded and insured. In this instance, a person will live at your home, in your absence, to make sure that mail is collected, pets are cared for and to make sure that emergent situations (leaky pipes, furnace or central AC issues, etc.) are addressed promptly.

In many cases, house sitters are sourced by asking friends and neighbors if they have college-age children who are wanting to make some extra cash.  If you’re leaving town for the weekend and you need someone to look after your home and your pets, a house sitter might meet your needs.

Other key differences

Many homeowners in SWFL live in other parts of the country during the spring and summer months. If you’re planning on being away for several weeks or months at a time, you’ll want to hire an experienced, licensed professional to look after your home in your absence.

When you work with Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge you’ll be working with a licensed, bonded and insured service provider that will visit your home regularly. We perform thorough inspections of your property and we’ll provide you with a status report after each visit.

If we find that ants, bugs, rodents or squirrels have moved into your home, we’ll contact you right away so the problem can be remedied before major damage occurs.

If a pipe bursts or your roof sustains damage during a storm, we’ll provide you with photos, a report of what’s happened, and we can help coordinate with contractors on your behalf. Since we’re experienced in dealing with these types of issues, we know how to get things handled quickly and professionally.

Lastly, a home watch service will proactively look for things that could be problematic. If we determine that your HVAC or central AC unit needs to be serviced, or we’re concerned that your pool filter could be on the brink of failure, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Again, it’s all about having someone here, on the ground, who can help you address small problems before they have a chance to turn into big ones.

If you have additional questions about the difference between a house sitter and a home watch service, call Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge today to learn more.