Dangers of an Unchecked Water Leak

Dangers of an Unchecked Water Leak

Several years ago, one of our clients told us a water-leak horror story. She had been traveling abroad for work for several months and when she came home, she learned that her hot water heater had failed.

It not only failed, it FAILED with a capital “F.”

Half her home had flooded- and that flood had been left unchecked for at least a week.

Not only did the repairs take forever, she had to move out of the house until the repairs were complete.

People don’t always appreciate how much damage a water leak (or flood) can do until they’re smack in the middle of dealing with the aftermath.

Leaks or should be addressed immediately

A lot of industry professionals will tell you that the severity of a leak depends on the amount of damage it does. In some cases, the damage could be structural.

In other cases, it could cause things like mold and mildew to run wild.  Mold and mildew are very difficult to get rid of!

Even the smallest of unchecked leaks can cause health problems for residents. For example, if you have a leaky pipe that drips out a few drops of water a day, you may not think this is a big problem.

We’re here to tell you otherwise.

Damp spots are bound to lead to damp problems, especially in hot, humid southwest Florida. If these problems aren’t addressed promptly, damp spots could lead to fungus or black mold.

Having drips and leaks anywhere in your home can lead to expensive damage, including but not limited to needing to tear up and replace your flooring, needing to remove a portion of the drywall in rooms that experienced flooding and needing to repair / replace plumbing systems.

Not to mention that leaks can have an enormously negative impact on your water bill.

Like we said, leaks are always better addressed as soon as they’re noticed.

How Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge can help

We may not be plumbers, but we know how to look after a home in a homeowner’s absence.

If you only live in Florida for part of the year or you’ll be away for a few months for work or leisure, call Gulf Shore home Watch & Concierge today to learn about our home watch services.

When you work with us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone will be here to notify you if a problem, such as a leak, arises in your absence.