Burglar-Proofing Your Home with Home Watch Services

Burglar-Proofing Your Home with Home Watch Services

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When planning a trip and aiming to be away from your home for any extended period of time, making sure your home is safe from intruders and also having the peace of mind that everything inside and outside of your home is being maintained properly is important.

According to recorded data, a burglary occurs at an approximate rate of every eighteen seconds in the United States, which translates to about 200 per hour and about 4,800 each day.  Though these statistics are certainly unpleasant to see, it is something that is important to be aware of. Add to this that data also shows that robbery and theft are in the top three of most prevalent crimes committed in the Sunshine State and the thought of leaving your property may become even more worrisome.  The fact that there are so many seasonal properties in Florida adds even more worry to the mix, as those looking to rob a home or squat in a home, look for homes in areas that are known to have seasonal residents and are then vacant for long periods of time.

Security systems can of course help to deter criminals, but some criminals are willing to take a risk in testing a system and even disable it if they know how to do this. This points to the fact that a home security system is not full proof. With more and more technology being misused by criminals to create havoc on the lives of others, homeowners have to try to think steps ahead and add additional security to keep their homes and cherished belongings safe.

Shockingly, data indicates that the highest number of burglaries take place during daylight hours, rather than the hours of the night. It is also noted that intruders like to watch the routines of the homeowners and any homeowners surrounding a property they are watching, to see when the best time is for them to attempt to enter the home. Criminals may be watching when you are hiding a key somewhere on the outside of the home and also watching to see when you leave for work and return. These are all things to keep in mind when working on a plan to keep your home safe.

Another important statistic to be informed of is that an alarming 30 percent of intruders enter homes through a door that has not been locked or a window that has been left open. Areas that have a lot of shrubbery or other landscape coverage are a prime spot for the criminals to target, as they are covered from any passersby and/or neighbors who would have normally been able to spot something odd occurring.

Burglaries result in a loss to the property owners that consists of cherished items being stolen, damage to the property, which is costly to repair, and there is an emotional cost in knowing and dealing with the fact that someone has entered your safe space and stolen your belongings. A high number of burglaries also never result in any kind of arrest, because they are difficult to solve. This leaves the homeowner dealing with the damages and also with the thought that the criminal is still out there.

All of this information is important to note when considering leaving your home for any extended period of time. A home watch service provider helps to dramatically reduce the potential that you will become part of any statistic. Home watch service providers are trained to relieve you of stress when you are planning to be away by visiting your home at random intervals to check on your home, make sure all doors/windows are locked, make sure that everything is working properly, and to make sure that anyone even considering to burglarize your home sees that the home is in fact lived in and visited often.

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