Millions of people reside alone. In 2019, Statista found that nearly 36.5 million US residents were living in single-person households. In some cases, this is not surprising. Living alone has its benefits. For example, do you want to run the vacuum at 2am? No problem. Do you want to

In our last blog post, we talked about a client who had been contacted by a scammer. Her story involved a “call from the Social Security Administration,” claiming her “social security number had been canceled on suspicion of fraudulent activity.”

A few weeks ago, one of our clients was on the phone with a cousin who had recently bought a vacation home about 30 minutes south of Sarasota. He and his wife had just arrived in Florida, he said, adding that they would be spending the week readying the house, hiring

In our last blog post we talked about how a home watch & concierge service can protect your home from burglars. In addition to handling all of the standard things that home watch services do (ie: checking for signs of mice, bugs, water damage, leaks and making sure that your appliances are in working order), they also take steps to make your home appear as if it’s being lived in. This includes simple things such as making sure

Imagine you’ve just spent hours in transit from your primary home to your SWFL getaway. Although the airport wasn’t crowded, your direct flight and your first re-booked flight (which included a layover in Atlanta) were cancelled. Six extra hours later, you finally arrive in the sunshine state.

Your home is likely among your most valuable assets. Consequently, when you’re not around to watch it yourself, it’s good idea to have it checked in on. If you plan to leave town for a weekend, yes, you can ask your neighbors to drop in. But if you plan on traveling extensively (or you have a second home in another part of the country, you may want to hire a home watch service.

If you’ve never experienced storm season in Southwest Florida, you should know that gale and hurricane force winds can pack quite a punch. Suffice to say, if you’ve been notified that a storm is coming, you’ll want to prepare your yard. Although some of the below tips are for things you can do in advance of a weather event, others can be done at any time of the year.

When you own a home in SWFL, there are few things that are scarier than learning that a hurricane is on the way. This is especially true if you’re only in Florida part-time. Hurricanes are known for causing lots and lots of damage. From ripping shingles...

In our past few blogs, we’ve discussed various components of hurricane preparedness. For this post, we wanted to underscore the importance of creating a home inventory. Simply stated, a home inventory is a record of all the items you have in your home, along with their estimate value.