Best Ways to Prevent a Home Burglary Before It Happens

Best Ways to Prevent a Home Burglary Before It Happens

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Burglars are opportunists that tend to prefer “easy targets.” If you’re wondering about some of things you can do that may help prevent your home from being broken into, read on.

Invest in motion lighting

Many would-be wrongdoers prefer to do their work in the dark of night. If a burglar has the choice between targeting a home that doesn’t have motion lighting, as opposed to one that does, they’re bound to choose the latter. Most experts suggest installing these types of lights on parts of your home that aren’t currently well lit.

Consider a video doorbell

Police departments throughout the US are reporting that knock-knock burglaries are on the rise. In this type of crime, criminals are targeting homes during daylight hours. They knock on the door and if no one answers, they’ll find a way to enter the home.  Homeowners who choose to install a video doorbell system are often able to trick criminals into thinking they’re at the residence, even when they’re miles away.

Don’t post your plans on social media

Are you leaving for the night to go to a concert? Are you heading out of town for a few days to visit friends or family? Having fun plans is one thing but broadcasting them on social media is another. Many homeowners are surprised that thieves are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help them determine which homes to target. If Jane Smith is going to be in the Bahamas for the next two weeks and she broadcasts her plans online, her home is more likely to be targeted.

Close your blinds

Southwest Florida is known for its warm, sunny days, but leaving your blinds open when you’re at work may lead to problems. Why? Because this allows criminals to get a birds-eye view of your belongings. If your new, 65” flat screen is visible from the street, and your laptop is sitting on the coffee table, your open blinds may attract the wrong type of attention.

Hire a home watch service

One of the best ways to ensure you home is protected in your absence is to hire an experienced, trusted home watch service to look after you home while you’re gone. Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge has been helping homeowners keep their homes safe and secure for years. For more information on our company, or rates or to receive a free quote, call us today to get started.