Benefits to Installing Impact Windows

Benefits to Installing Impact Windows

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Taking care of your home means more than just hiring a home watch service in Fort Myers. It also means equipping your home with what it needs to withstand the worst Mother Nature has to throw at it – which, down here, means hurricanes.

When it comes to protecting your home, you have several options, including hurricane windows versus hurricane shutters. Which one is best for you? While both have their merits, there are plenty of great reasons to choose hurricane windows.

Cost Avoidance Is Key

One of the main reasons you want to choose hurricane windows, or impact windows, is cost avoidance.

Installing these windows lowers the chance your windows will be damaged by hurricane-force winds. Much of the damage a hurricane does to a home comes from wind and water infiltration through broken windows. This can also impact roof integrity, which can cause damage to your roof – which opens your entire home to the elements.

Shutters can help prevent window damage as well, but impact windows tend to withstand airborne debris better since they are rated to be impact-resistant.

They also have an added benefit of making your home withstand burglary. It’s very difficult to break a hurricane window, which makes your home more secure.

If the typical hurricane deductible is 2% – or $8,000 on a $400,000 home – you can save a tremendous amount of money by avoiding claims altogether. With hurricane windows, there’s a chance you won’t have to file a claim after a major storm, which keeps you from paying the deductible altogether.

impact windo Consider them the next time you think about upgrading the hurricane protection for your property.