Benefits of Hiring a Home Watch Company

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Benefits of Hiring a Home Watch Company

If you own a home in Southwest Florida but you’re not living in it all year around, you may be interested to learn about the ways that a home watch company can help protect your asset.

For more information about how Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge can help, read on.

Vacant homes are vulnerable to theft, water damage and insect damage

You likely know that a vacant home is far more likely to be broken into and/or vandalized than a home that’s occupied. Not surprisingly, homeowners will often call on a friend, family member or house sitter to keep an eye on things in their absence.

If you own a second home that’s in another state, it’s likely that it will be unoccupied for weeks (or in some cases, months) at a time. Yes, locking the door and asking the neighbors to check the property every so often is a good start, but it’s not the best way to protect your asset.

In this case, there are things your neighbors may miss entirely, such as water damage, mold, insect infestations or theft. A home watch service will have a better understanding of the types of things to look for along with the types of preventative care that can be done to ensure you don’t have an issue to begin with.

If your water heater has sprung a leak or that insects have started to turn your home into their home, they’ll notify you immediately, so you can have the problem addressed right away.

A home watch service can help prevent storm damage

All South Floridians are well aware of the types of damage that hurricane-force winds can render on a property. When you hire a home watch service, they can help ensure that outdoor patio furniture is collected and stored, so you won’t need to worry about having chairs or umbrellas being blown into the side of the house.

The service can also have your home checked for leaks or vulnerabilities in advance of a storm, which will allow you to address small issues before they have the opportunity to turn into big ones.

At the end of the day, there are many benefits that come with hiring a home watch service. For more information on how home watch works or to learn more about the types of services that Gulf Short Home Watch & Concierge provides, call us today at 239-289-7294.