Are Fake Security Alarm Signs Helpful in Deterring Burglars?

Are Fake Security Alarm Signs Helpful in Deterring Burglars?

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You may have heard a friend or neighbor discuss and/or suggest a fake alarm system sign to deter burglars. Maybe you are wondering if one of these types of signs could actually be effective? According to research conducted, the short answer is that they are helpful, but there is a lot more to think about that goes beyond that one yes or no question.

Research conducted by the University of North Carolina found that more than 60 percent of professional thieves interviewed for the study said that any evidence of a security system did in fact lead them to move on and select an easier target. However, research also indicates that any evidence of an alarm system actually demonstrates to burglars that there are valuables in the home to steal.

In 74 percent of home robberies where there were alarms, burglars left without stealing anything. The average property loss for homeowners with alarms who were robbed was $3,266 versus the national average loss due to home burglary, which is $5,343.

So, although the time investment and cost are less in just putting up a fake security alarm sign, you are taking a great risk that burglars may think your sign in not convincing and break in anyway to test and see if you actually have an alarm. There are also possible legal ramifications for unauthorized use of copyrighted material (the fake alarm sign), so you may want to make sure you are not infringing on a company’s name before you use it in front of your home.

Instead of getting a fake alarm system sign, consider the following to keep your home safe:

  • Install a home security system
  • Get a dog
  • Make sure the landscaping around your home does not provide convenient hiding spots and/or coverage to help burglars break into your home
  • Install window and door alarms
  • Put up motion detector lighting on the outside of your home
  • Make it look like you are home, even when you are not
  • Hire a home watch service to keep an eye on your home for you, when you are not home