Are Fake Home Security Cameras Effective?

Are Fake Home Security Cameras Effective?


Security cameras have long been an integral part of home security systems. Aside from their obvious function as a recording device, they are also effective deterrents—about 60% of burglars indicate that they will not even attempt a break-in if security features like alarms or cameras are present.1 Good security cameras can be pricey, though, so many people turn to fakes in an attempt to trick criminals while saving money, but are fake security cameras effective?


  • Less expensive than real cameras
  • Very simple to install
  • They are better than nothing and could deter criminals


  • While it is most likely OK to use fake cameras at your own home, using them elsewhere, such as at the office, could open you and your business up to potential legal trouble, because you could be creating a false sense of security for employees and visitors to the building.
  • In the event that someone does break in, law enforcement is probably going to ask to see the footage from your security cameras. If the cameras are fake, those cameras haven’t produced any footage. Oftentimes, the footage on the cameras is what provides leads and proof of a crime.
  • While fake cameras may fool amateur thieves, anyone with some experience will be able to pick out the fakes easily.
  • The biggest problem with the use of fake cameras and other security tricks is that they will always leave you wondering whether thieves will be deterred. Real cameras offer peace of mind, because if someone were to do something, you would have the footage for law enforcement to review.

Alternatives to Fake Cameras

  • Install real security cameras
  • Invest in a home security system
  • Set up motion-activated lights around your home
  • Get a guard dog
  • Use smart locks on your doors
  • Hire a home watch service to watch your home when you are away for any extended period of time

In the end, fake security cameras remind us a lot of fake home security signs. They have many of the same benefits, like being cheap and easy to set up, but they also have the same drawbacks—in the event that a thief discovers they are fake and you actually need security, they provide nothing. It simply is not worth the risk.