Apartment Security Tips

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Apartment Security Tips

You’re just about to move into your dream apartment, and you’re excited to make it your own. As a renter, your security concerns will be unique. You’re in close quarters with other tenants and there’s a high volume of foot traffic in your complex, which means there’s an increased risk of break-ins and burglaries. So, how do you make sure you’re protecting yourself and your home in this unique situation?

Research crime in your area. Take the time to do a little research about the area where you’re moving. Is it a high crime area? Are there a few highways going through? What kinds of businesses surround the apartments? Take stock of this information, and make sure you’re well-educated before making an investment in your new home.

Test the lighting at your home. Intruders and burglars tend to break in to places that aren’t well-lit. Take some time to go by your new apartment at night to check out the lighting. You’ll want to check and see that the walkways, halls, porches, parking lots, and other open areas are well-lit with fresh bulbs.

Take stock of the general upkeep of the facilities. If you go to the apartment facility and the sidewalks are dirty, walls are cracking, and plants are dying, then landlords and staff probably don’t care too much about it. You’ll want to move into a place which is kept well and cared for. When people care for their facilities, they are less likely to be burglarized or broken into.

Check the entrances. Is the community gated? can anyone just walk in? Do only tenants have access? See how easy it is for you to get in as a visitor and see if that kind of security is what you’re looking for in your potential home.

Test the peephole. If you have the opportunity to look through one of the apartments, check the peephole. It’s a major part of apartment security and allows you to control whether or not you let someone into your home.

Get new locks. Read your lease thoroughly and check your HOA rules. If you can get new locks with permission from your landlord, then spend the little bit of extra money to have that extra security.

Test your window locks. Upon inspection of your potential home, take the time to test the sliding door and window locks. Make sure they are all in working order, and if they aren’t, try to have them fixed before your move-in date.

Find the fire escapes. In case of an emergency, make sure you know where you’re going and that it’s the most updated information.