Advice for Closing Up for the Season

Advice for Closing Up for the Season

When it comes to spending holidays down here in Fort Myers, homeowners are of two minds. Some like to spend Christmas and New Year’s back at home with their families, while others retreat to the warm climes of Southwest Florida to enjoy the holidays in balmy weather.

Either way, you’ll have to close down your home for the season, either before you leave for the holidays or after you depart once January rolls around.

Here is some good general advice for closing a house, from your home watch service in Fort Myers.

On Air Conditioning

A lot of homeowners like to set their A/C on low before they leave. What this does is waste energy. You want to set it at a higher setting, something around 78. There have even been homeowners that put it at 80 with no damage happening to the home or condo. It’s really whatever makes you feel comfortable; just know that the lower you set your A/C, the more energy you’ll waste.

Also, when it comes to air conditioning, have your HVAC inspected twice a year. Try to have it inspected around the time you close your home. We can arrange to have a licensed contractor inspect your A/C unit for you.

Hanging DampRid

DampRid is a moisture absorber, which works for homes that get especially humid. Even in winter, humidity is a concern, so hanging DampRid throughout your home can be advantageous. If your home has problems with humidity, or if your home tends to get warm, DampRid can be helpful.

Note: DampRid isn’t always necessary in the garage if we crack the garage door when we visit to let air circulate.

Draining Water Lines

Many homeowners prefer to drain their water lines when they leave their homes and close them for the season. This isn’t really necessary, though, because pipes rarely freeze in a Southwest Florida winter. Plus, having dry lines can allow sewer flies to emerge, and that is a big problem.

The best idea for closing your home for the season is to hire a home watch service in Fort Myers. We’ll make sure everything is as it should be and taken care of, and work to arrange visits from inspectors and contractors to perform needed maintenance.