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A “Tropical Disturbance” Is Headed Our Way

A “Tropical Disturbance” Is Headed Our Way

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This weekend and early this week, keep an eye on the weather, as a storm formation could be headed our way.

It’s called a “tropical disturbance”, a term used to describe the beginnings of a tropical storm. This means the disturbance in question – called Invest 99L – has sustained winds of below 20 knots. A hurricane, by contrast, has sustained wind speeds of at least 64 knots.

Invest-99L is a long way away from a hurricane at the moment, as it is currently (as of Saturday night) making its way past Cuba. But there is cause for concern, because there’s a roughly 40-percent chance it could strengthen and turn into Hurricane Hermine once it gets into the warm waters of the Gulf.

What can we expect here in Southwest Florida? Rain, and lots of it. Storms are expected to roll in on Sunday and continue through the entire week, with thunderstorms scheduled for Monday afternoon.

If the storm doesn’t strengthen over the next 24-48 hours, the only real danger will come from localized flooding and your typical thunderstorm-like activity. But if the storm strengthens, and the wind speed picks up, you could run into treacherous driving conditions – generally something you won’t want to be out in if you can help it.

Preparing Yourself for the Rest of the Season

As we’ve talked about repeatedly over the past few months, hurricane season 2016 isn’t over yet. More storms are expected to head toward the mainland over the next three months, and any of them could be serious trouble for our area.

If you haven’t prepped your family or your home for hurricanes, do it now before it’s too late. If you live up north and don’t have anyone watching your home, a Fort Myers home watch service can help you get your home in hurricane-ready shape.

A hurricane hasn’t hit us in a while – but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. Be prepared for when it does.


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