A Simple Checklist for Air Conditioner Maintenance

A Simple Checklist for Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s almost winter, and people aren’t really worrying about air conditioning right now – but that just means now is a perfect time to conduct maintenance on your A/C unit and prepare for the warm months ahead!

What makes winter perfect is the fact that you can thoroughly test and evaluate your system and have plenty of time to fix any problems that come up. This gives you more than enough time to take care of any problems, replace any parts, and perform any repairs before you’ll need the A/C.

(And if you have a summer home here, you can have someone perform maintenance while you’re gone. Our Fort Myers home watch service offers that opportunity!)

Here’s a simple checklist to conducting air conditioner maintenance when you’re away.

  1. Check the outdoor condensing unit- Make sure the unit is isolated from anything that can block air intake, like tall grass or weeds. It needs to be able to pull in plenty of air. There’s no need to cover it during the winter, either.
  2. Do a test run – Now’s a good time for a test run. Let the unit run for an hour and see if there are any issues. If there are, you’ll have plenty of time to fix it.
  3. Change the air filter – You don’t want to leave dirty air filters in your unit. This can reduce your energy efficiency or cause the evaporator to ice over. You can get permanent air filters that just need annual cleanings, not replacement.
  4. Check access panels – Make sure your access panels are clear and secure. Remove all obstructions.
  5. Double-check the thermostat – When you run the unit, make sure it works in all appropriate modes (heating and cooling) and is actually changing the temperature. If it isn’t, there’s either something wrong with the unit or an air leak somewhere in the home.

Don’t take on the burden of A/C maintenance yourself; let us find a good contractor for you whom you can trust!