2020 Holiday Season Cleaning Checklist

2020 Holiday Season Cleaning Checklist

It’s time we face the facts.

Most of us have been cooped up in our homes for the past 6 months, which means we’ve had plenty of time to browse Amazon, Target.com, and countless other retail websites.

If you didn’t spend your time “window shopping,” you’ve likely collected quite a few things since the start of the year. From puzzles to adult paint-by-number projects, to felt hangers and closet organization tools, lots of us took advantage of the online sales.

And while shopping online is hardly discouraged, it led many of us to amass some extra items. As such, the theme of this year’s holiday season cleaning checklist is “downsize and declutter.”

Start a donation pile

We all have things in our homes that haven’t been used for years. For example, one of our clients recently found a juicer she bought 5 years ago. It was still in the box, she said, but she didn’t think she’d be taking it out anytime soon.

“I wound up giving it to one of my neighbors,” she continued. “They were about to buy one, and I had one that I had no intention of using.”

If you’re planning on taking advantage of this year’s Black Friday sales, take some time, go through your closets, and decide what’s staying, what can be donated, and what needs to go into the trash.

Ask yourself if you really need all of those Amazon.com boxes

When we were kids, we got excited about toys, bikes, and video games. As adults, lots of us get excited when we come across a good cardboard box. If you think you’re going to be moving in the next few months, then by all means, hold onto those Amazon boxes. However—if you’re not planning to relocate, it’s probably safe to let them go.

In addition to freeing up space in your garage / closets, recycling the boxes is good for the planet.

Clean out your desk and junk drawers

If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned off your desk, you’ll want to take some time to do it. There’s probably a lot of old paperwork that can be thrown out or shredded. (If you don’t have a shredder, places like the UPS store will shred your sensitive documents for a small fee.) When you’re done, go through your junk drawers. If there’s stuff that you don’t need to hold onto, toss what you don’t need into the trash.

Do you have tips for tidying up a home in advance of the holidays? We’d love to hear them in the comments.